Thank you

This is a much overdue note, but I just want to thank everyone who helped out with my campaign for City Council. I received 669 votes – nearly doubling my votes since the Primary, and moving me up 1 place in rank! And I could not have done it without the following people:

My family, who donated their time, money, support, and so much more. My parents were out there canvassing as much as I was! They also gave me advice, helped me prepare for the candidate forum, and much, much more.
My other star canvassers, Genevieve Houghton & Charlie Howe. Genevieve has been active in politics since the 60s, and has recently been very busy with her involvement in the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders action, which she took part in. But she still managed to spend many of her weekends canvassing for me! Charlie does not even live in the city limits, and yet he was still out canvassing almost every weekend with me. Charlie also helped put out many yard signs, along with Brent Ritzel. If it appeared that my signs sprung up over night – well, that’s because they essentially did! Thank you, also, to Brent and Janet Donoghue for their support and endorsements!
Thank you to my other friends who helped canvassed, too: Priscilla, Rosie, Chris, and Jill. Seriously, going door to door is the most important part of a local campaign – and also the most intimidating. Thank you also to Ainsley & Jimmy, who really rocked the pre-primary canvassing, and injected some much-needed energy into the campaign!
Thank you to SJ, who took my flier and made it more than just words on a page!
Thank you to Ian for the wonderful photos, and to Courtney for the great logo/design!
Thank you to Jessica Bryan for editing documents and offering other feedback! And for agreeing to be my campaign manager, even though you were busy with grad school, teaching, dissertating, wedding planning, packing, and selling your house!
Thank you to Virginia for making some last minute phone calls to get out the vote on Election Day! And to Sarah and anyone else who called their friends!
Thank you to Phil and Bethany, who helped me with Excel lists.
Thank you to Scott for connecting me to Joel Fritzler’s campaign, getting a GOTV mailing out, and for sharing the voter database and your advice.
Thank you to everyone who agreed to put up a yard sign! (I’m sorry if I haven’t picked it up yet…)

Thank you to Thomas Publishing (especially Karen and Jason), The Printing Plant, Copies N More, and Attitude Designs (especially Andrew) for the fliers, mailing, and yard signs! (Psst- support local businesses.)

Thank you to local media and bloggers for covering this race!

Thank you also to everyone who donated to my campaign! After all, fliers don’t copy themselves…
Thank you to all of my friends who encouraged me to run, signed my petition, and especially those of you who encouraged me to stick with it – even after being diagnosed with skin cancer! I really can’t believe I made it this far, and I couldn’t have done it if I had quit!

A big thank you to my roommate Lauren, who put up with our house being the base of operations for 3 months! I had a giant map of Carbondale that covered the dining table, plus fliers, rubber bands, clipboards, pens, receipts, etc. all over the place.

Thank you to my fellow candidates for making it an interesting race! I got to get to know a few of you pretty well, and there is definitely some common ground between us. Congratulations again to the winners, and I look forward to seeing the rest of you in 2 years!
And last, but certainly not least, thank YOU for voting for me! When everything is said and done, it’s really your votes, and your talking to friends, that helped me get as far as I did. I am so humbled, knowing that there are 669 people in Carbondale who think that I would make a good City Councilmember!
Now, on to success in 2013!

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Election Day!

Today is the day! Please remember to get out and vote today! If you’re not sure where your polling place is, please go to Also, after you vote, please post on here, or e-mail me, to let me know how turnout is in your area. (If you’re interested, Barton Lorimor will be keeping his blog updated all day/night:

Also, please remind your friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, and random people on the street (why not?!) to vote! If you have time to call them up, even better. Or at least send a text to all your contacts.

Third, I am hoping to get a few volunteers to help make phone calls this afternoon. I know many people work til 5:00, but if you have any spare time (ideally between 2 and 6 pm), I can e-mail you a phone script and a list. You can make the calls on your own time today. If you’re willing to do this, please e-mail bradshaw4council (at)

Finally, please join me tonight at 8:00 at Tres Hombres for my election night party! Everyone is invited!

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Campaign Note

Hello friends,
And thank-you again for supporting my campaign for City Council! We are just 7 days away from the election, and I am trying to make a major visual impact in town over the next several days with my yard signs! Please send me a message if you want one – or if you can, come help canvass this week, and grab a sign while you’re at it. We are hoping to canvass every day this week from 5-7 pm, depending on the weather. Please meet at 404 N. Smith St. at 5:00 if you can join us. If you can’t do it then, but are willing to go knock on some doors on your own time, please give me a call at 618-203-9626and I can give you a list of addresses. Same with this weekend; I will likely be canvassing most of the day on both Saturday & Sunday, so if you can join me for any amount of time, I would appreciate it!
Other ways you can help: If you want to host a meet and greet, this week is your last chance, but Jessica is still available. Donations are always appreciated as well. Send a check to “Friends of Jessica Bradshaw,” 404 N. Smith St., 62901.
Most importantly, don’t forget to vote! Early voting has already started, and will be available tomorrow through Thursday at the Carbondale Civic Center, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Election Day is Tuesday, April 5th, and polls are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm! Details on an election night party will be forthcoming.
And please, remind your friends to vote!
Thank you,
Jessica Bradshaw

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Thank you!

Thank you for voting for Jessica Bradshaw for City Council! With your help, Jessica received 366 votes – or 7.5% of the total – and is ranked in 6th place. This means her name will be on the April 5th general election – and it also means that we have a lot of work ahead of us!

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Election night

TONIGHT! Please come join us at Tres Hombres at 8:30 to watch election results come in, and hopefully celebrate! Thank you for your votes and continued support!

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Please Come Help Us Canvass!

Please join Jessica Bradshaw in canvassing tomorrow from 1-3 pm (assuming snow and ice give us a miss!). We are meeting at Longbranch at 1, hope to see you there! Every vote counts!


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Jessica Bradshaw for Carbondale City Council!


My name is Jessica Bradshaw and I am asking for your support and your vote in the upcoming election for Carbondale City Council!

As a council member, I have many ideas for improving our city.  Here are a few of my main priorities:

  1. Revitalize Downtown. Carbondale should be a more sustainable, livable, walkable town with a vibrant downtown, that is safe for children, pedestrians, the disabled, and bicyclists.
  2. Sustainable Development. Carbondale should support local businesses instead of using taxpayer money to subsidize national chain stores, and encourage greener development.
  3. Support Youth. Carbondale should encourage young people to stay here by improving its housing stock and employment opportunities.

Here are a few other ideas I would work toward implementing if elected:

  • Repair sidewalks and install more traffic signals and crosswalks.
  • Offer free parking downtown.
  • Make the Strip a pedestrian mall.
  • Analyze the City’s greenhouse gas emissions, in order to meet the “Cool Cities Initiative” targets.
  • Replace the sales tax with a small fee on the purchase of Styrofoam, bottled water, and plastic bags.
  • Phase out older City vehicles and replace them with hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • Improve the housing stock in the center of town, and encourage urban in-fill, instead of sprawl.
  • Help keep young people in town by increasing artistic and entertainment opportunities.
  • Build a dog park at the old high school football field.
  • Support our local businesses and non-profit organizations!

For more information or to get involved, check out the About Me and Questionnaire pages or send an e-mail to

Find us on Facebook, too!

Friends of Jessica Bradshaw

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